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kylin 监控JMX

Daily Function
Besides providing SLA of query service to users, in the daily operation and maintenance, you could make Kylin query daily and Kylin query dashboard by query metrics. Which will help you know the rules, performance of Kylin query and analyze the Kylin query accident case.

How To Use
Firstly, you should set config kylin.query.metrics.enabled as true to collect query metrics to JMX.

Secondly, you could use arbitrary JMX collection tool to collect the query metrics to your monitor system. Notice that, The query metrics have Server, Project, Cube three levels, which was implemented by dynamic ObjectName, so you should get ObjectName by regular expression.

请问,你们是否有配置成功过 JMX 的监控呢?
除了添加 kylin.query.metrics.enabled 这个参数外,还有其他的吗?